Turn on Metered Connection on Windows 10

If you are running on a limited connection Windows 10 such as a 3G or 4G mobile data connection windows 10 could can be using a lot of your data allowance. This can be turned can be restricted so that windows 10 will only perform the bare minimum of updates to save your data. windows 10 then will fully update when it next connects to a non-limited connection.

To do this

1 click start button

2 Click Settings

3  Go to Network & Internet

4 Go to Wifi ( or occasionally ethernet)

5 Select Manage known networks

6 Find the network name, this will be unique to your connection there could be a few

7 Click properties

8 Click Metered connection


This will stop your computer using all its allowance through updates. Please remember to update your computer regularly as updates keep your computer safe from hackers and bugs.

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