Home Support

Our home customers receive the same high standard of support as our business customers.

You are welcome to visit our office with or without an appointment but if you wish to speak to a technician it is best to ring ahead so we can ensure someone is available to speak to you.  Our friendly technicians can help you with your computer problems big or small.

The two most popular services we offer to home customers are our Set-up Service and our comprehensive computer Heathcheck.  We also offer other services such as:

  • Cleaning and Dusting
  • Screen replacement
  • Power supply replacement
  • Data backup service
  • Data recovery

We can also provide support for customers with Apple Computers

Set-up Service:

If you are looking for a new computer, we can help you purchase one.

We can arrange to have your new computer delivered direct to us so you don’t have to wait in for it.  As soon as it arrives we then fully update the machine and install and configure security, antivirus, and a install small selection of useful software.  We then can move your data from you old machine onto your new machine.  When we have completed this we arrange with you a convenient time for us to come out to you and perform the final steps of the setup where we install and configure any hardware or software you wish to use with your new computer such as printers, scanners, etc.

We then can give you a short tutorial in how best to use your new computer.  So that you can feel confident when we leave your computer it is ready to run, secure, and comfortable to use.

Health Check:

We can perform our famous Heathcheck on your computer, performed by our friendly and helpful trained staff. This will help keep your computer running at its most optimum by:

  • Removing viruses and spyware
  • Ensuring all important software is working and up to date
  • Cleaning the machine of any built up dust
  • Thoroughly cleaning the external parts
  • Testing the hard drive to check if it’s starting to fail
  • Testing the memory to ensure it is all working correctly
  • Removing unwanted and unrequired system files
  • Testing Web browser and removing accumulated browser clutter
  • Cleaning the Registry of entries that can slow the machine down

As part of the Healthcheck we can also install any new software you wish to be installed as well as collect and return your computer to you if you cannot make it down to our office.